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ripe beauty and harvest has been created by Angela Henningsen and Ursula Romyn.  We are two girls (on the wrong side of thirty, but don't spread that around) living in Melbourne, Australia. 

We're well and truly ingrained in each other, having been buddies for over 15 years.  We are partial to a wine or micro brew here and there, love festivals and markets of all kinds and learning about food, drink, permaculture and natural remedies - amongst myriad other things. 

The ripe concept had been dwelling in our minds and spirit for a while as neither of us holds much faith in the artificial and chemically dense beauty products commonly available.  

We've both always been interested in natural beauty, so Angela started out making soap.  We both then moved onto making our own beauty products, quickly realising how incredible they made our skin feel.  No more sensitive patches, no fake fragrances, no blood shot eyes from getting chemicals too close to them (Ursula obviously needs her contacts in when putting on moisturiser).  The result was gorgeously soft, supple skin from products full of real ingredients.

Like most good ideas, ripe really came to fruition after a few fateful red wine induced evenings.   We'd both had enough of boring each other talking about the ripe concept - we had to be prepared to put up or shut up.  With each red wine we strangely became more and more inspired, and the ripe philosophy boldly grew!

Recovering from the frivolity, we got to working on finer details.  After picking the brains of some business minded friends over a few brews, attending various business and aromatherapy courses, sampling and a lot of reading about improving formulations, the intricacies of natural products, GST and gross margins here we are!

It can be said that we are a little nervous in taking this big leap, but we truly believe in our products and know firsthand of their benefits and how fantastic they make our skin feel.  We've done testing on our family and closest friends (and we have some brutally honest friends) to ensure our product range meets consumer demands.  We make only small batches from the best ingredients (some certified organic and locally sourced where ever possible) so our products are always freshly brewed!

We trust you will enjoy ripe products as much as we do.  We're always open to suggestions and want to hear your thoughts on anything that crosses your mind - whether or not it's related to ripe.  Head to our blog to leave your mark, or write to us for some personalised lovin': info@ripebeautyandharvest.com.au

ripe kisses,

Ursula (tall blonde) and Angela (fun-size brunette)

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cruelty free...naturally derived...beauty for guiltless, gorgeous skin

ripe beauty and harvest

we test on our mum's, not bunnies

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